ImageMax™ Support

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 Limited Lifetime Warranty

ImageMax is backed by the BEST warranty in the industry!  X-Ray Support can offer this extraordinary warranty because ImageMax doesn’t have the problematic parts that other processors have. It’s built to withstand even the heaviest of volumes. If you experience any problems with your ImageMax, call us toll-free: (509) 279-2061. The warranty and the ImageMax are the best in the business.

When you need help, you’re talking directly with the factory. We can usually help you diagnose and fix the problem right over the phone. But if necessary, we’ll make arrangements to get your ImageMax repaired at no cost to you. We can also provide you a loaner at no charge for the first two years. All you pay is the shipping.

ImageMax will be the last film processor you’ll ever have to buy!

Return  Policy

We’re very confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the ImageMax processor. However, if you find that the product is just not meeting your needs, call us within 2 weeks of receiving the ImageMax to see if we can help solve the situation. If we are still unable to meet your needs, we’ll gladly have the processor picked up, then issue you a refund.