Perfect X-Rays

At XRS, we believe there’s an art to perfect x-rays.  It is achieved by simple procedures involving technique, time, temperature, film, and more.  ImageMax was designed to provide perfect image quality every time.  It’s so smart; it won’t even let you process a bad film.  It was developed after 17 years of research with dentists across the country, and analyzing the inherent problems of other processors.  If you’re having problems with x-ray processing, ImageMax will solve them.

The table below shows the most common x-ray processing problems, along with their causes.  Here’s how ImageMax provides the solution:

PROBLEM:  Roller Marks/Artifacts
Rollers squeeze and compress the film to keep it moving through the machine.  As a result, they also squeeze the emulsion as it goes through; causing poor image quality, marks, and other film “noise” that could be hiding patient problems that you need to see. Because ImageMax doesn’t have rollers, it doesn’t compress the emulsion or touch the films with any object that could leave a mark.  The result is perfectly clean images every time.
PROBLEM:  Inconsistent Quality
Weakening chemistry or developer contamination.  The more film you process and the more time the solutions oxidize with open containers, the weaker the chemistry becomes.  And, because cleaning a processor is always the “grunt job” in a dental office, it often doesn’t get done on regular intervals.  Then, the cleaning itself if done even slightly wrong, can actually be the cause of the contamination. ImageMax tells you when to change the chemistry.  Its sealed solution tanks prevent oxidation.  ImageMax automatically adjusts for weakening chemistry by slightly changing the developing time ratio.  Cleaning ImageMax is as simple as pushing a button.  No more “grunt job.”
PROBLEM:  Lost Film
Rollers and tracks.  Rollers that don’t grip the film, rollers that don’t turn, alignment problems, and bent film all contribute to films dropping out of rollers or tracks and to the bottom of the solution tray.  Lost films mean retakes.  Retakes mean excess patient radiation, wasted staff time, and frustration! ImageMax has a unique design that brings the chemistry to the film, without rollers or tracks.  Films stay in one place in the ImageMax processor.  With our innovative design, there’s no way you’ll ever lose a film in the ImageMax.
PROBLEM:  Images Falling Apart Over Time
The processor moves the film too fast through the fixer solution.  Not allowing enough time for this stage makes a fragile x-ray that won’t last – not archival quality. ImageMax fixer time cycle is set to the film manufacturers recommendations.  So you’ll never have an archive quality film fall apart.
PROBLEM:  Grainy Images
Developer solution too hot, over 80º. According to film manufacturers, the optimal developer temperatures are between 68º – 80º. Most processors only operate at 83º, so they can never function at a temperature that produces consistently great film. ImageMax can heat the developer to 85º or cool it to 68º allowing it to process at any temperature.  Once the temperature has been selected, ImageMax automatically selects the correct developing time based on charts provided by the film manufacturers.  You choose the film quality and the processing speed, ImageMax handles the details.