Film Mounts – Plastic Tab Translucent


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Plastic Tab Translucent (light passes through) Similar to the grey mounts above except these mounts are translucent. Light passes through allowing you to see the entire film – edge to edge.

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1H Size 0, 1H Size 2, 2H Size 0, 2H Size 2, 2H BW, 4H Size 0, 4H Size 2, 4H-2R, 6H, 6-2V, 7-3V, 8H, 10H, 10BW Size 0, 10BW Size 2, 10BW Size 3, 10-6V, 14-6V Size 0, 14-6V Size 2, 16-6V 10H, 16-6V 8H 2 BW, 18-6V


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