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Chemistry for Processors with Rollers


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These solutions are formulated for automatic film processors with ROLLERS like:
A/T2000, Gendex, Dent-X, or Velopex.  This formulation is NOT recommended for ImageMax or PeriPro film processors.
Available in both Ready-to-use and Concentrate.   SAVE BIG $$ with our Concentrate!
Our solutions are both economical and very high quality!  100% Money Back GUARANTEED!
Our ready-to-use formulation is ready to go! Pour it directly into your film processor or use for replenishment (A/T2000).
Our concentrate is the same formulation as the Ready-to-use version, except you’ll SAVE money because you won’t have to pay to ship water! Just add your own tap water. You’ll save $2.49 per gallon! Plus it’s 1/4 the size to store on your shelf! Our one quart containers mixed with your tap water make one gallon.
NOTE: Due to weight, Ready-to-use chemistry shipped to states east of Colorado have a $3 per gallon additional ship charge.

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4 Dev 4 Fix Concentrate-to-gallon ($7.50/gal) – $60.00, 1 Dev Concentrate-to-gallon – $9.25, 1 Fixer Concentrate-to-gallon – $7.25, 2 Dev 2 Fix Ready-to-use Gallon ($9.99/gal) – $39.96, 1 Dev Ready-to-use Gallon – $11.99, 1 Fix Ready-to-use Gallon – $9.99


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