Refurbished ImageMax™

Prices start at just $1499.  Please call for availability (888) 230-9500.

These are pre-owned units that perform the same as our brand new units. They are completely disassembled and cleaned. All parts are evaluated. Any parts that are suspect or outdated are thrown away. All units come with a brand new circuit board. The processor is then fully tested. They are a terrific value!  Includes 1 year warranty!

Dimension: 18″ wide, 13″ deep, 19″ high.  Fully compatible with our new Daylight Loader.


Includes:  2 sets of ImageMax Concentrate Developer and Fixer, 3 size# 2 Film Holders, 1 size# 0 Film Holder, WaterFlo PLUS, Cleaner, Power Cord, Drain Tubes, Staging Jar, Long-Handle Cleaning Tool and Intra-oral Film Retrieval Tool.

Appearance may differ slightly from picture.