Pano Film – 15 x 30 cm


100 Sheets of film per box.



Here’s why buying from ImageMax is your best choice. We still believe in film, where most every other dealer has given up on film.  Film is alive and well!   In addition to our great prices, our film is always fresh. We sell so much that we’re able to constantly turn our inventory.  And until it’s sold, we store our film in our brand new, climate-controlled warehouse.

Premium Green film is equal to Carestream (Kodak) T-Mat.

Premium Blue film is equal to Carestream (Kodak) X-Omat

Note: Fuji, green sensitive, 400 speed HR-T and HR-U are virtually identical. We normally stock HR-T.

With Discounts, prices are EVEN LOWER!

10 boxes or more = 10% Off
Mix & match – including pan & ceph film. Discounts are calculated on total film boxes.

SAVE EVEN  MORE:  Add Chemistry to your film order and get 5% off our already low chemistry prices!

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0702 Green – Premium – 100 Sheets – $72.99, 0328 Green – Fuji – 100 Sheets – $63.99, 0022 Blue – Premium – 100 Sheets – $72.99, 0331 Blue – Fuji – 100 Sheets – $63.99

3 reviews for Pano Film – 15 x 30 cm

  1. Dave McClave

    Great Film!

  2. Dr. Hernas

    Great film, huge savings on film!!!

  3. Whitehall Dental Group

    Great film at a great price!

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