# 1061 – AirShield Intro Price – $2495.00, #1062 – AirShield Deposit – $500, #1063 – Filter #1 (1" top) – $14.99, #1064 – Filter #2 (2" bottom) – $22.99, #1065 – View Window Lens – $18.99

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AirShield Extraoral Aerosol Filtration System

AirShield™ is available for Pre-Order! Call today for payment information. Keep your staff and patients safe!

AirShield protects you and your patients while greatly reducing aerosolized particulates with a new, unique design!

  • Patent-Pending Curved Shield creates a large, unobstructed work area with a physical barrier between you and your patient. The window positions approximately 10" above the patient and 10" below eye level.
  • A Constant Stream of Air Flow allows for a constant 10” x 12” area of aerosol particles that will be picked up. Air is directed out to the end of the arm, then a column of air is pushed back under the curved view window
  • LED Lighted Window has 40 high-power LED's that virtually eliminates shadows. It is dimmable and is easy to customize.
  • Easy to Operate Turn on and off by simply lifting the arm up or down.
  • Exclusive Cordless Feature with a 12 Volt onboard battery, simply charge at night!
  • Two-Stage Filtration System uses  inexpensive high efficiency, medical grade, HEPA air filters.
  • System Monitoring
    — battery charge status.
    — Filter change alerts.
    — Adjustable window lighting control panel
  • Compact 12” x 12” base on wheels that is easy to roll over carpet or hard floors with handles on all sides.

Your staff can work with confidence and your patients will feel safe in your chair!