AirShield™ Aerosol Protection

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Aerosol, Debris, and Splatter Protection Done Right!

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Stop going home covered in bacteria, fungus, viruses, blood, tartar, and polish!  AirShield’s unique design captures far more dental procedure aerosols and debris than any other device on the market.

AirShield’s patent pending design places a physical barrier between you and your patient. Air is directed out to the end of the curved arm, then a whisper-quiet, 11″ wide jet of air flows under the curved window back toward the pedestal base. Aerosolized particles are captured and pulled into a matching 11″ wide vacuum slot on the other side of the 12″ window.  This is what completely sets our design apart from all other devices on the market. AirShield clears a huge 11″ x 12″ area directly over the patient while allowing complete freedom of movement for both 2 and 4 handed dentistry.  No other aerosol device on the market can make this claim!

Inside the pedestal base is two, easy-to-access, inexpensive, medical-grade HEPA filters.

What doctors, hygienists, and patients are saying about AirShield:

  • “Yay, I don’t have to wear a face shield or hair covering any more!”
  • “AirShield is amazingly quiet”
  • “Easy to explain to a patient how AirShield works”
  • “Very soothing sound”
  • “I feel safe under AirShield”
  • “The 80 LED’s are AMAZING – I can see so much better now”
  • “AirShield is a game changer”
  • “I can’t imagine not using AirShield now”
  • “Every hygienist should be using AirShield”

Return on Investment:  Keep your staff healthy! If your staff gets sick, what does that cost your practice in lost production?  Reassure your patients that you’re going above and beyond to keep them safe!  Hard to measure, but these amount to real dollars lost or saved!

AirShield Features:

Easy to Operate! Lower the arm to turn on the device.  Raise the arm to turn it off.  Handles on all sides make AirShield easy to move and position. It glides over both a hard surface floor or carpet.

Cordless! Battery provides over 7 hours of run time!  For most offices, run all week. Charge over the weekend.

Compact! With the arm in the up position, it occupies a space just 18″ x 16″.  When the arm is lowered, the arm extends 26″.

Very Quiet! AirShield’s low RPM motor sounds like a very quiet HVAC system.  There is NO suction noise at all!

Lighted Window: 80 high-power LED’s, from all 4 sides of the plexiglass view window, shine directly into the patient’s mouth.  This unique feature provides light from all angles like you’ve never seen before.   The lights automatically turn on when the arm is lowered.  They turn off when raised.

Easy to clean! With the arm raised, use an anti-bacterial spray to wipe it down. It takes just a few seconds and you’re ready for the next patient.

Filters are simple to change! An indicator light tells you when it’s time to change the filters. Open the door, pull out the filter into a bag, put in a new one. Filter timers reset automatically. Filter change for most office is once per month.

A Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma module will be available soon. This technology reduces viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, by up to 99.9%.

3 Year Warranty!

Product Video:  Click Here

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3 reviews for AirShield™ Aerosol Protection

  1. Jane Beeson

    Thank you! Thank you! The Air Shield has changed how I practice dental hygiene for the best! I love going home to my family without being covered in germs. My patients feel safer and have adapted to the change in the routine without a problem. It’s easy to use and clean. The Air Shield is just a smarter way to practice dental hygiene in today’s world. You have to try it!

  2. Dr. Nicole Jacobson

    An ingenious solution to an age old problem. It blocks all the spatter and picks up the aerosols. It’s easy to use and melds seamlessly into the practice. It’s quiet and comfortable for both provider and patient. What a great addition! Highly recommend!

  3. David H Paul

    It is very quiet and love that we don’t get the splatter!!! With our small office we have a learning curve on adjusting it to make it easy to work on patients because we don’t have a lot of room to maneuver machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AirShield™ Aerosol Protection

Why should I buy this product over a competitor’s device?

AirShield’s unique design is the only device of its kind to offer a cordless, lighted, view-window barrier between you and your patient while quietly clearing aerosols and debris over a large 9” x 11” area directly over the patient. Every other device on the market is essentially a glorified Shop-Vac. Their ‘suction-only’ design is difficult, if not impossible, to keep it at a working distance (about 2-3”) without rendering the device ineffective. if the patient turns their head or you need to put your hand where the suction is located, aerosols are no longer captured. AirShield ‘pushes AND pulls’ air while providing an unimpeded work area directly over the patient with an amazing amount of shadow-less light from all sides of the view window.

How does AirShield work?

Air is pushed out to the end of the AirShield arm, then a thin sheet of air is directed back under the curved window. On the other side of the window, a vacuum slot pulls the sheet of air, including aerosols, debris, and splatter, back through the arm and into the pedestal base where two medical grade HEPA filters clean the air.  A new optional upgrade adds a Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma technology module that reduces bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 by up to 99.9%.

How does AirShield compare to the suction-only devices?

First, it provides a physical barrier between you and your patient. You won’t need to wear a face shield any longer. Second, unlike other devices that use suction only, AirShield pushes aerosols from one side of the view window (shield) and pulls them into its filtration system on the other side. Air is directed and organized under the curved window as it clears a huge amount of area directly over the patient. Far more than any other aerosol control device.

Are patients comfortable under AirShield?

Yes! Many patients have commented how they feel safe under AirShield. They also like how quiet the device is.

How much time is required to set it up? Do I need a technician?

AirShield ships ready to use right out of the box. Just pull it out of the box, remove the foam and you’re ready to go.

Is AirShield easy to operate?

Simple! To turn the device on, simply lower the arm, or raise it up to turn it off. AirShield is cordless. Charge overnight and you’re ready to go all day. The onboard computer indicator lights constantly monitors battery and filter status, as well as ensuring that air is flowing under the shield.

How often will I have to replace my filters? Do you sell them?

Two filters. Change the small, top filter about every month. The second, larger filter every other month. Indicator lights provide a reminder. Yes, we sell the filters. Just $14.99 for the smaller top filter and $22.99 for the large bottom filter.

How long does a battery charge last?

From a full battery charge, you will have over 7 hours of continuous use.

How often will I have to change the LED lights?

LED’s should last for thousands of hours.

What cleaning and maintenance will need to be done?

When the shield arm is in the up position, you have easy access to the patient side of the view window. Use most any anti-bacterial spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean and disinfect.

What accessories come with AirShield?

AirShield ships with the AirShield battery charger, two replacement filters (top and bottom), and micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

How long is the warranty?

AirShield is backed by a 3 year warranty!

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