AirShield Protects You and Your Patient!

Stop going home covered in Bacteria, fungus, viruses, blood, tarter, and polish!

Its unique design captures far more dental procedure aerosols than any other device on the market.   AirShield will keep you safe from your patient’s germs and your patient safe from your germs.



AirShield’s patent pending design places a physical barrier between you and your patient. Air is directed out to the end of the curved arm, then a whisper-quiet, 11″ wide jet of air flows under the curved window back toward the pedestal base. Aerosolized particles are captured and pulled into a matching 11″ wide vacuum slot on the other side of the 12″ window.  This is what completely sets our design apart from all other devices on the market. AirShield clears a huge 11″ x 12″ area directly over the patient while allowing complete freedom of movement for both 2 and 4 handed dentistry.  No other aerosol device on the market can make this claim!

Inside the pedestal base is two, easy-to-access, inexpensive, medical-grade HEPA filters.

What doctors, hygienists, and patients are saying:

  • “Yay, I don’t have to wear a face shield or hair covering any more!”
  • “AirShield is amazingly quiet”
  • “Easy to explain to a patient how AirShield works”
  • “Very soothing sound”
  • “I feel safe under AirShield”
  • “The 80 LED’s are AMAZING – I can see so much better now”
  • “AirShield is a game changer”
  • “I can’t imagine not using AirShield now”
  • “Every hygienist should be using AirShield”

Easy to Operate! Lower the arm to turn on the device.  Raise the arm to turn it off.  Handles on all sides make AirShield easy to move and position. It glides over both a hard surface floor or carpet.

Cordless! Battery provides over 7 hours of run time!  For most offices, run all week. Charge over the weekend.

Compact! With the arm in the up position, it occupies a space just 18″ x 16″.  When the arm is lowered, the arm extends 26″.

Very Quiet! AirShield’s low RPM motor sounds like a very quiet HVAC system.  There is NO suction noise at all!

Lighted Window: 80 high-power LED’s, from all 4 sides of the plexiglass view window, shine directly into the patient’s mouth.  This unique feature provides light from all angles like you’ve never seen before.   The lights automatically turn on when the arm is lowered.  They turn off when raised.

Easy to clean! With the arm raised, use an anti-bacterial spray to wipe it down. It takes just a few seconds and you’re ready for the next patient.

Simple to change filters! An indicator light tells you when it’s time to change the filters. Open the door, pull out the filter into a bag, put in a new one. Filter timers reset automatically. Filter change for most office is once per month.

3 Year Warranty!

We have units in stock and ready to ship! Order YOURS Today!

AirShield Accessories
AirShield Flyer
AirShield Owner’s Manual

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#1061 – AirShield Black – $2695.00, #1067 – AirShield Gray – $2695.00, #1068 – AirShield Light Gray – $2695.00


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