Carson 10x Loupe

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If you’re not diagnosing film with a 10x Loupe, you’re missing detail!  Film captures over 20 lines per millimeter (LP/mm). The naked eye can only see to about 7-8 LP/mm.  You will be amazed at the detail that this inexpensive, high quality 10x Loupe from Carson reveals.  The LL-10 10x LumiLoupe with it’s pre-focused dual lenses allow you to easily see into and past 20 LP/mm.

If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it!

By the way, the best wired direct digital systems can only see to about 12-13 LP/mm. You won’t want to “Go Digital” after you see how much detail film has to offer with this inexpensive 10x loupe. Proof? Click here:  Be sure to read the “12 Dentist Study”

Loupe specs: 10x crystal clear magnification. 2″ at the base. Large 1-1/2″ eye viewing area.

Easy to use: Put the film on a backlit lightbox and the Carson Loupe directly on top of the film. Then place your eye about an inch (or closer) away from the loupe. Move the loupe slowly around to view the entire film.







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