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Developer and Fixer Disposal made Simple & Affordable!


Simply pour or drain used chemistry into our FixAway or DevAway 2.5 gallon jug. When full, put the cap on and apply the pre-paid label to the box, then ship it back to ImageMax. We have a special agreement with UPS and FedEx to ship spent film processing solutions using our heavy-duty 2.5 gallon jug with our special silicone gasket easy-seal cap, and a strong double-wall box.

We provide you all documentation that it was “shipped to” and “received by” ImageMax, Inc.

FixAway and DevAway include FREE return shipping! 

  • Available for use in all 50 states.
  • Alaska and Hawaii, due to shipping cost, please select the option which adds $40.

Here ‘s the device that we use to process spent solutions:

Spent solutions are slowly pumped through these two blue columns. Silver from the spent fixer is attracted to the iron in these columns.  Approximately every 6 months, a new column is rotated in and an old column is taken out of service. When they’re removed, we send them to a company called Hallmark Refinery located in Bellingham, WA. They’ve been professionally refining photographic solution silver waste for over 50 years. We’re occasionally asked how much silver is extracted from 2.5 gallons. The simple answer is extremely little. Even after the hundreds of gallons that we run through these columns, and after we pay for a new column, pay to ship it to Bellingham, and pay for the processing, we’re lucky to see a positive number. However, the key to all this processing is that we remove the silver according to EPA standards and you have a product that takes the solutions away from your office.

Additional information

Away Type

0029 – FixAway – $59.00, 0030 – DevAway – $59.00, 0029a – FixAway (AK/HI) – $89.00, 0030a – DevAway (AK/HI) – $89.00

3 reviews for FixAway-or-DevAway

  1. Dr. Hicks

    I love how this product makes disposal of chemicals so convenient!

  2. Linda

    The phone rep was very helpful in advising which system was most cost effective for our fixer disposal. The Fix-away can’t be any easier to use – just fill it up and send it back!

  3. Mark G Ambrosi DMD

    A very convenient and reasonable way to dispose of fixer solution. In Jan 2020 the previous disposal company I was using raised theor prices from $79 to $210 to dispose of 5 gal of fixer.

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