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We expect to stock this film again soon, but we don’t have a date yet.
Dentix from Foma has the softest film packet that we’ve seen.  Your patients will truly appreciate this film.  Foma has produced high quality film since 1921 and is considered by many to be the “Carestream of Europe.”  Dentix film produces excellent contrast with fine detail at a very low price.  Start saving money today by switching to X-Ray Support dental film.  All film we offer is the highest-quality and extremely affordable!  Click above and we’ll send you a FREE sample. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality and we know you’ll enjoy the savings!

With Volume Discounts, prices are EVEN LOWER!

10 boxes or more = 10% Off

Mix & match – including pan & ceph film. Discount is calculated on total film boxes.

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D, size 2, sngl pkts,150/bx – $33.99, F, size 2, sngl pkts,150/bx X-Stream – $36.99


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