ImageMax ECO Developer Cleaner

ImageMax ECO Developer Cleaner


For use with ImageMax and PeriPro processors. Pour parts 1 and 2 into the developer holding tank and add water. For ImageMax, run the processor. For PeriPro, let stand about 5 minutes.  Drain. Finish by pouring in part 3 and add water. Let stand about 5 minutes. Drain. That’s it! No scrubbing. Simple & Quick! Used for removing black emulsion buildup from the developer holding tank.

This product replaces our original “Orange Bottle” cleaner. A key ingredient is no longer available. Plus, our new ECO Cleaner is environmentally friendly!

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1 Set $13.99, 4 Sets $47.99

3 reviews for ImageMax ECO Developer Cleaner

  1. Dr. Hernas

    Keeps processor running clearly, have used for past few years

  2. Dr. Hicks

    great product

  3. Stephanie White RDH

    Love this cleaner!! This mix produces clean and clear images and doesn’t stink!! I highly recommend it for anyone with an Imagemax!

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