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ImageMax - NEW
ImageMax - NEW
ImageMax - NEW
Image Max

ImageMax – NEW


The World’s Only Sealed-Tank Processor!



ImageMax SOLVES X-Ray problems by moving the chemistry, NOT the film!

  • Save over $1700 a year in chemistry, cleaning, and maintenance costs!  Call us for a detailed explanation.
  • 90% Less Cleaning compared to other processors! Swish the tanks out with water and refill with new chemistry. No racks and rollers to scrub!!
  • Uses 80% Less Chemistry compared to roller based processors!
  • Creates 80% Less used fixer!
  • Develops all dental film!  (All intra-oral sizes 0-4, Pan, and ceph)
  • Processes according to the Kodak time and temperature guidelines!
  • Consistent dip-tank quality images from when chemistry is new to when chemistry is changed.
  • Computer automatically recommends when to change chemistry and water!
  • Compact and Self-contained!  No plumbing necessary to the processor!
  • Sealed, one quart holding tanks.  Greatly reduces chemistry oxidation! No smells.
  • Sets up in just 5 minutes!
  • 3 year warranty!
  • Daylight Loader Available. Click Here
  • Includes: ImageMax Concentrate Dev & Fix (2 sets), 3 size 2 & 1 size 0 Film Holders (other sizes available), WaterFlo+, Cleaner, Power Cord, Drain Tubes, Staging Jar, and maintenance tools.


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