ImageMax – v6 Refurbished

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The World’s Only Sealed-Tank X-Ray Film Processor!

** NEW **
Rent an ImageMax for just $99 per month!
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For over 25 years, ImageMax has SOLVED X-Ray problems by moving the chemistry, NOT the film!

  • Save over $1700 a year in chemistry, cleaning, and maintenance costs compared to a roller processor!
  • 90% Less Cleaning compared to other processors! Swish the tanks out with water and refill with new chemistry. No racks and rollers to scrub!!
  • Uses 80% Less Chemistry compared to roller based processors!
  • Creates 80% Less used fixer!
  • Develops all dental film!  (All intra-oral sizes 0-4, Pan, and ceph)
  • Processes according to the Kodak time and temperature guidelines!
  • Consistent dip-tank quality images from when chemistry is new to when chemistry is changed.
  • Computer automatically recommends when to change chemistry and water!
  • Compact and Self-contained!  No plumbing necessary to the processor!
  • Sealed, one quart holding tanks.  Greatly reduces chemistry oxidation! No smells.
  • Sets up in just 5 minutes!
  • 2 year warranty!
  • Daylight Loader Available. Click Here
  • Includes: ImageMax Concentrate Dev & Fix (2 sets), 3 size 2 & 1 size 0 Film Holders (other sizes available), WaterFlo+, Cleaner, Power Cord, Drain Tubes, Staging Jar, and maintenance tools.
  • Extra ship charge required for Hawaii, Alaska, and any order outside of the continental USA.  We will contact you after you place your order.

Our Factory-Refurbished processors are fully inspected, repaired, and updated. Then completely retested and factory recertified.  The picture shown may not exactly match what we ship.

25 reviews for ImageMax – v6 Refurbished

  1. Travis

    Awesome film processor! My staff loves not having to clean rollers. Highly recommended!

  2. Dr. Hernas

    Works great!! Easy maintenance!

  3. Edward

    So nice and easy to use, never get your hands dirty and it’s quick and easy. Way cheaper then digital. The film through x-ray support is very reasonable also.

  4. Christopher White, DDS

    Great film processor. I thought of adding a second digital machine, but this processor is all I needed. Great quality and easy to maintain.

  5. Orchen Jeffrey

    I’ve had two image max developers for at least five years and had no problems The process is easy and the X-rays come out perfect

  6. Bonnie

    Finally, an easier way to develop film!! Thank you!!

  7. Colleen

    Not being quite ready to go totally digital, this has been an awesome replacement of our very antiquated x-ray developer. Very reliable and easy to use.

  8. Dr. Rooney – Blaine Harbor Dental

    We switched from a film processor with rollers a few months ago and we are extremely happy with the decision. No more worries of rollers stopping, fluid leaking, film getting stuck in the rollers and cleaning is a breeze!!! We highly recommend this product!! THANK YOU!!

  9. Caley

    We are very pleased with our purchase of this processor! It’s so much easier to maintain and much more cost effective than a processor with rollers!! We highly recommend this product!! Thank you!!!!!

  10. Lindsay Holliday

    Easy to use. Easy maintenance.

  11. Judy

    Been using our ImageMax processor since 2008 and we still love it. Easy to use and simple maintenance. Films come out sharp and clear every time. Haven’t lost one yet. Highly recommend. Thanks for a great piece of equipment!

  12. Dr. Hicks

    Great processor. I love how we never get any films stuck in the processor like we did with the roller type. And the team loves not having to clean the rollers. The image quality is consistently good.

    The only downside is that it slows down processing time because we cannot run a panx & bwx at the same time like we did with the roller type processor. So, it increases appointment time.

  13. Linda

    We have been using the Image Max for 15 years – easy to use, consistent quality and very reliable! You can’t go wrong with this choice of film developer.

  14. Jason Beddes

    The developer is top notch, but my real opinion comes from the services department. I have an older machine and needed service and parts. They helped me VERY QUICKLY, sent parts immediately. I also learned first hand how simple and robust the design is. You will never own a machine that does not need maintenance, never. Let it be known that XRS stands behind there product and are willing to help quickly and efficiently, even if the developer is many years old. Thanks XRS!

  15. Dr. Paul Blecha

    So glad I chose to purchase this product. Old processor broke and did not want to purchase a digital pano. The ImageMax processor has not disappointed. It is easy to use and maintain. I would recommend it to all my colleagues.

  16. Dr. Aulicino

    Great film processor. It’s easy to use, never lets us down, and very easy to clean.

  17. Jonathan Rosenthal

    Very easy to use and clean. The images come out perfectly every time!

  18. Frederick J Burger D.D.S.

    I’ve had mine for over 5 yrs. with no problems-easy to use and clean with great quality films. Call me a dinosaur, but I still love film-better diagnostic quality and easy to read. Film they sell is equal to any other and much cheaper. Great company to deal with

  19. Dr Gursky

    I have owned this processor for eight years and it has provided outstanding service with minimum maintenance. It is an outstanding value in that it saves on chemicals and costs half that of other competing units.

  20. Dr. Lisa Smartz

    Excellent film processor. Easy to operate and clean. Have had ours for maybe 9 years or so and it is still going strong with only minor issues that were easily fixed by the use of the instruction manual or with the help of XRS support staff. Highly recommended!

  21. Robert Adams, DDS

    I’ve owned 3 ImageMax processors for over 10 years. I use 2 at a time for my orthodontic practice and keep one as a spare in case service is ever required. The units have proven to have excellent reliability and produce fine images. This company has the best customer service.

  22. Stephanie White

    Our Imagemax is a workhorse! We have had the same unit for almost 10 years and have only needed a rental unit once for about 10 days for a quick tune up. It’s incredibly easy to use and so simple to clean that even a substitute in our office has followed the directions to perfection when changing the chemicals. The images are clear and easy to read and developed consistently each time whether pano or PA. I have only ever needed to call customer support once and that was for the rental unit mentioned above. They were helpful and the process to get our unit back was painless!

  23. J. Heise, DDS

    Our x-ray developing dream has come true!!!!! Thank you so much for inventing this ingenious device! Never wanted to go digital, but hated the roller developer and cleaning it too. The ImageMax is so easy to use and so easy to clean and maintain. Definitely less expensive than using the roller systems and save so much time in cleaning it.


    This product quite literally fell at my feet…Ask Jim 🙂 That interaction started the conversation regarding repair vs replace our current processer. We decided to replace with the Image-Max and the Quick- shot to get us into the digital world. We have been thrilled with the ease of these products and the support from the company.

  25. George J., Allen, DDS

    Beats the heck out of rollers.

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