ImageMax PREMIUM Intra-oral Film

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0902 – D, size 2, sngl pkts,150/bx DF58- $44.99, 0901 – D, size 2, dbl pkts,130/bx DF57- $59.99, 0903 – D, size 0, sngl pkts,100/bx DF54- $36.99, 0905 – F, size 2, sngl pkts,150/bx IP21- $48.99, 0904 – F, size 2, dbl pkts,130/box IP22- $65.99, 0906 – F, size 0, sngl pkts,100/bx IP01- $40.99

24 reviews for ImageMax PREMIUM Intra-oral Film

  1. Ken

    Best film ever! Just as good as Kodak!

  2. Dr. Hernas

    Awesome product! A lot less expensive than Kodak with same quality

  3. Whitehall Dental Group, Whitehall MT

    Great Film at a great price!

  4. Roxy

    Just as good as Kodak for half the price!!

  5. Orchen Jeffrey

    Great images with less radiation and faster speeds

  6. Open Arms Free Clinic. Cindy

    Film works great!

  7. Dr. Hicks

    very satisfied with the image quality

  8. “Doc”

    excellent high def. film. Easy to read and easy to use foe diagnosis. Will continue to use it exclusively. Cost ain’t bad either

  9. “Doc”

    Excellent film with with def features, 5 star rating. easy to use to make diagnosis. Won’t stop using it. Digital does not give the same detail. The cost ain’t bad either.

  10. Dr. Jecmen

    Same quality as Kodak…half the price!

  11. Terrie

    Very good quality film.
    Highly recommended!!!! Price is great as well !!!!

  12. Dr. Aulicino

    Fast and easy. Sharpness level is great and when we order more the shipping is so fast. 🙂 Great price

  13. Kim

    Great quality film!

  14. Roxy

    Love XRS!! I’m always trying to save doctor money and I certainly do with film and supplies from XRS.

  15. Barry J. Blutig DMD


    As OTHER People have said…………… A Great Product, and A Good VALUE.

  16. Stephanie White RDH

    This film is so much less expensive than other brands but consistently delivers excellent quality film! As a hygienist, I love it when my patients can see such a clear image of their teeth!!

  17. Monica

    Best film ever , love the price just as good and same quality as any other brand example: henry schien, kodak etc.


    Great price great film & great help


    Rockdale Dental
    Great price– great film & great help

  20. Brandon Smith DDS

    Great product, great price! Less expensive than Kodak, material is easy on patients, recommend to anyone.

  21. Leo D. Morton, DDS., MS

    Wonderful product. Significant savings with absolutely no compromise in quality!

  22. Andrea

    Great film for a great price! highly recommend.

  23. Lloyd Sahara

    Amazing product, highly recommend.

  24. Lloyd Sahara

    This film is amazing, great quality at a good price!

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