QuickShot Instant X-Ray Film Digitizer – Full Size


Expanding your office with digital imaging capability has never been easier and more affordable!

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Now available to rent for just $99 per month.
Please call for details – (509) 279-2061


Designed and manufactured by X-Ray Support, QuickShot sets up in minutes. With its high-definition camera and easy-to-use software, QuickShot instantly captures highly detailed images ready for full screen patient presentation, electronic submission to insurance for faster payment, referral to other offices, and archiving. Easy to interface with your practice management software – Export from QuickShot, Import into your software.

Digitizes ALL dental X-Ray film including pans, cephs, FMX, & individual intra-oral sizes.  Digitizing area is 12-1/4″ x 8″.

Dimensions: 14″ x 10″ x 13″ (W x D x H)

Add Document Lighting for $99 extra. Two, top-mounted, ‘behind the camera’ LED panels allow you to, in addition to x-ray film, also capture documents like a hand-written note. You can then build a multi-page PDF to electronically send to wherever you need to.

Product Video:  Click Here

QuickShot Capture Software:

QuickShot is sold with our simple-to-use QuickShot Capture software and FREE over-the-phone technical support and FREE software updates.

Region Adjust: Often, there will be a few images in a set of films where some are light and some are dark. Scanners and cameras force you to adjust the entire set of films as one image causing some films to become too light, while other films too dark. Those images will have poor detail if they’re even readable at all.  QuickShot software has a unique ability, that we call REGION ADJUST, which allows you to easily define and “live adjust” areas independent from the rest of the image. ALL your films will then be optimized!  Flat-bed Scanners and Cameras DO NOT have this important feature!  Not even your iPhone can do this!  Click here for a short video.

Easy connection:

Connects via standard USB 3.0.  USB 2.0 may work depending on your computer, however image adjustments may move slower.

3 Year Limited Warranty!

Questions?  Please call: (509) 279-2061

21 reviews for QuickShot Instant X-Ray Film Digitizer – Full Size

  1. Travis

    This is an incredible machine. It’s fast and easy to use with great image quality. I still get to diagnose from film, while having the convenience of instantly sharing the digital images with patients and submitting to insurance. This beats a full digital system by a mile. No sensors to go bad, great image quality, and I saved A LOT of money!

  2. Robert S. Friedman, DDS

    The sharpness of this new unit is much improved over earlier versions. It produces excellent print copies for referring dentists and insurance companies if not transmitting digitally. Digital transmission is simple if required. Overall easy to use. Great value for the price.

  3. Scott

    Easy to use, quick and reliable, very attentive support team! New software allows for altering contrast on different regions of the film which has proved to be an extremely helpful tool. Highly recommended for the price.

    • admin

      Thank you for the comment on our QuickShot QS-300. We sure appreciate you taking the time!

  4. Dr. Hernas

    Works great, user friendly!

  5. Edward

    I love how easy this is to use. I e-mail x-rays to specialists every day. The cost is a no brainer.

  6. Richard Johnson DDS

    Would recommend to anyone. They x-rays look great.

  7. Judy

    They were right! Very easy to set up and use. We love it. Amazing what you can do to enhance the image. Sending claims is a breeze now. No more duplicating films! Great support too. Thanks guys.

  8. Jason Beddes

    Just started using a new unit, weeks ago. This has really helped ease sending pictures to insurance and when referral is needed. The unit works as described and is simple and easy to use. I also thought the unit would be much bigger, but the footprint really is only slightly larger than a FMX film holder. Works Great!

  9. Dr. Paul Blecha

    Purchased this in conjunction with the ImageMax. Allows me to put panos in patients’ digital charts and send them to specialists. Good image clarity and easy to use. Very happy with this product!

  10. Dr. Greg Sims

    Took a chance after reading reviews and talking to Ken at the company. This was a great purchase decision. Image quality is excellent. The adjustable gray and white scales are really what makes this machine work well and I use them most every time. I have emailed many films to specialists and have received great feedback from them.

  11. Dr. Aulicino

    What an easy product to use. The sharpness level is fantastic. So easy to be able to print copies if needed, and very easy to share to other dentists compliantly. Highly recommend. .

  12. Jonathan Rosenthal

    Great product! Easy to use and no more “lost” x-rays by insurance companies.

  13. Dr Gursky

    I have owned the Quick Shot since it was first available. I now could not function without it. It has allowed me to be digital and still utilize film.

  14. Dr. Dennis Sacry

    Great product, user friendly. No more lost x-rays!
    Would recommend to all Dentists.

  15. J. Heise, DDS

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!! Another ingenious product from this great company! It is so easy to digitize your radiographs. It takes less than 5 minutes and they are so clear. I digitize the radiograph and transfer it to my tablet and I’m able to show my patient and zoom in to the areas that need to be discussed. Thank you so much for this device.

  16. docbrent

    Brent Johansen, D.D.S.
    Easy to use right out of the box. Integrates easily to my computers. Well made out of steel–not plastic. Easy to crop films, adjust them as necessary, and save. Once saved the digital images are easy to print, email, or just observe on computer screen. Patients have appreciated the blown-up images as viewed on my computer.

  17. Vincent A Romanelli

    I have been using Dentimax and Quick Shot for years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and support .
    Vincent Romanelli, DDS

  18. Stacey N Block DDS

    I’m old-school and really prefer reading film images. This QuickShot has enabled me to have the best of both worlds. I can read and diagnose from film, and I can have digital images for the patient’s digital record, emailing to insurance companies and specialists and quick reference. I also appreciate the ability to alter the contrast and light/darkness of the images to better view using the software that comes with the QuickShot.

  19. Leo D. Morton, DDS., MS

    This machine has been a game changer. Our correspondence abilities have been simplified and within a month of first unit bought another for our other office.

  20. Maria

    Really easy to use and its quick. Quality image comes out great. Use small amount of space. Highly recommend.

  21. George J., Allen, DDS

    A lot less expensive than sensors and it works a lot better than a over the counter scanner.

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