QuickShot QS-130 Compact Size

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QuickShot  QS-130 (Intra-Oral Sizes 0-4 + Mounted IO Film)

Go Digital with QuickShot!

Expanding your office with digital imaging capability has never been easier and more affordable!


Expanding and modernizing your office with digital imaging capability has never been easier and more affordable! QuickShot instantly digitizes your dental film.

Our new QS-130 is a compact version of the full-size QS-330. This smaller version is designed specifically for intra-oral film only.

QuickShot, designed and manufactured by X-Ray Support, sets-up in minutes and instantly captures stunning high-resolution images ready for full screen patient presentation, electronic submission to insurance for faster payment, referral to other offices, and archiving. Easy to interface with your practice management software – Export from QuickShot, Import into your software.

QuickShot Capture REGION ADJUST

  • This is a new feature since the video was made
  • Flat-bed Scanners and Cameras DO NOT have this important feature!
    Often there will be a few images in a set of films where some are light and some are dark. Scanners and cameras force you to adjust the entire set of films as one image causing some film to turn white, while other film will turn dark. Those images will have poor detail if they’re even readable at all.  QuickShot software has a unique ability we call REGION ADJUST. With REGION ADJUST you can easily define and “live adjust” areas independent from the rest of the image. ALL your films will be optimized!  View a video that describes how the Region Adjust feature works.
  • Dim: 6″ x 5″ x 8″ (W x D x H)

QuickShot Capture Software:

Both models come with our Powerful and Easy-to-use QuickShot Capture software and FREE over-the-phone technical support and FREE software updates.

Easy connection:

Connects via standard USB 3.0. USB 2.0 may work depending on your computer, however images will move slower.

3 Year Limited Warranty!

Questions? Please call: (888) 230-9500

1 review for QuickShot QS-130 Compact Size

  1. Paula Huffaker

    I am as pleased as I could possibly be with this machine. The ease of digitizing and saving x-rays is incredible. It has made my job capable of attaching and sending x-rays electronically, instead of sending them through the mail and losing the x-ray from our office. The dentist loves that he can still use comfortable film instead of digital sensors. The ability to adjust the contrast of the x-ray is so precise and easy to do. The footprint on my desk is so small. (It would be nice if we could email the x-ray straight from your program, but other than that, it’s perfect.) It’s a wonderful game changer for our office!

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