0467 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 2 Dev 2 Fix ($8.99/gal) – $35.99, 0057 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 1 Fixer – $9.99, 0056 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 1 Dev – $11.99

4 reviews for ImageMax Chemistry – for Processors with Rollers or Manual Tanks

  1. regency dental

    This product is so easy to use. There isn’t the usual chemical
    mess involved with the old processors. I also like the fact that
    you can easily tell the developer from fixer. I would recommend this product to other dental offices.


    Rockdale Dental
    Love this product 2 easy steps

  3. Mark G Ambrosi DMD

    I can’t believe someone finally decided to just supply the developer/fixer concentrate. As the company says ” Why pay to ship water?’. I also think this product last longer in my developer than any other company’s solutions.

  4. Leo D. Morton, DDS., MS (verified owner)

    Having the concentrate is a huge advantage. Money Saving and space savings!

    Highly recommended!

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