ImageMax Chemistry - Concentrate - For Processors with Rollers or Manual Tanks

ImageMax Chemistry – Concentrate – For Processors with Rollers or Manual Tanks

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Add water to our 32 oz Concentrate to make one gallon.
SAVE BIG $$ with our Concentrate!
ImageMax gallon-sized solutions are formulated for automatic film processors with ROLLERS or BELTS like: A/T2000, Gendex, Dent-X, or Velopex.  Also works great for manual, hand-dip tanks.
This formulation is NOT recommended for rollerless processors like ImageMax or PeriPro.  Instead use PeriDent or our 8oz ImageMax Concentrate.
Our solutions are both economical and very high quality!  Proven in offices all over the USA for over 10 years!
100% Money Back GUARANTEED!
Click here for our ready-to-use formulation. It’s ready to go! Just pour it directly into your film processor. Great for replenishment too like an A/T2000.
ImageMax Concentrate is the same formulation as the Ready-to-use version, except you’ll SAVE money because you won’t have to pay to ship water! No special mixing directions. Simple! Just add your own tap water to the 32 oz concentrate to make one U.S. gallon. You’ll SAVE several dollars per gallon! Plus it’s 1/4 the size to store on your shelf!


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0467 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 2 Dev 2 Fix ($8.99/gal) – $38.99, 0057 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 1 Fixer – $11.99, 0056 ImageMax Concentrate Makes-a-Gallon 1 Dev – $15.99

5 reviews for ImageMax Chemistry – Concentrate – For Processors with Rollers or Manual Tanks

  1. regency dental

    This product is so easy to use. There isn’t the usual chemical
    mess involved with the old processors. I also like the fact that
    you can easily tell the developer from fixer. I would recommend this product to other dental offices.


    Rockdale Dental
    Love this product 2 easy steps

  3. Mark G Ambrosi DMD

    I can’t believe someone finally decided to just supply the developer/fixer concentrate. As the company says ” Why pay to ship water?’. I also think this product last longer in my developer than any other company’s solutions.

  4. Leo D. Morton, DDS., MS

    Having the concentrate is a huge advantage. Money Saving and space savings!

    Highly recommended!

  5. Lloyd Sahara

    The concentrate is easy to figure out and lasts a good while. I like the color difference so that they are easy to tell apart. Good product and love the idea of not having to ship a great amount of water.

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