ImageMax Chemistry – for Processors without Rollers

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This formulation is specifically designed for processors without rollers like ImageMax and PeriPro.

  • CONCENTRATE SAVES YOU MONEY!  Why pay to ship water!
  • CONCENTRATE SAVES SHELF SPACE!  ImageMax Concentrate requires 75% less storage space.
  • AVOID MISTAKES!  Developer is color-coded red to prevent mistakes.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE!  Concentration provides over 1 year shelf life while most standard ready-mix is good for only 3-4 months.

SPECIAL FORMULATION: Quart-sized chemistry from other companies is usually just “repackaged” gallon-sized automatic solution for processors with rollers. ImageMax Concentrate chemistry in our 8oz concentrate bottle is a special roller-less formulation which provides a finer-grain image. You will notice the difference! We recommend quart-size chemistry for processors that only use one quart, like ImageMax and Peri-Pro, because gallon jugs begin to oxidize as soon as the seal is broken and can fail before all 4 quarts are used.

SIMPLE TO USE!  Pour the entire 8 ounce concentrate into your processor, then add water to make one quart of working solution.

What to do with used, “spent” chemistry?  click here

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0293 – 8 Dev & 8 Fixer ($4.25/Working Qt) – $68.00, 0260 – 3 Dev & 3 Fixer ($5.50/Working Qt) – $32.99, 0222 – 1 Dev & 1 Fixer ($5.50/Working Qt) – $11.99, 0492 – 1 Developer – $7.99, 0564 – 1 Fixer – $5.99

12 reviews for ImageMax Chemistry – for Processors without Rollers

  1. Dr. Hernas

    Easy to refill , clear pictures!

  2. Christopher White, DDS (verified owner)

    Just the right size and long lasting. No smelly odors or color changing chemistry.

  3. Caley

    Being in a small practice space is very limited, these are so easy to use, store and fill the processor! Highly recommend this product!!!

  4. Dr. Hicks

    Love the savings!

  5. Dr. Truitt

    Dr, Truitt
    October 23,2017

    Perfect size for easy and quick cleaning and changing of chemicals. Ken was very helpful. he guided me through everything and had an answer for all my questions.

  6. Dr. James Walren – IA

    Love the savings and fast shipping!

  7. Colin A Morton, DDS (verified owner)

    Easy to operate for great pictures and easy to change solutions with computer generated reminders!

  8. Colleen (verified owner)

    Easy products to use and reorder! Thanks

  9. Stephanie White

    These chemicals are so easy to use and they help deliver clear images each time. They are super simple to use when changing out the chemicals in the machine and they don’t stink!!! Plus with the free shipping it’s a bargain to buy them!!!

  10. Dr Michael LaCorte

    Just the right size, easy to handle & pour. Customer service is always friendly. Love the savings!

  11. frank siracusa dds (verified owner)

    This is the easiest to use product I’ve ever used. And the quality of the results are great.

  12. Andrea

    Excellent quality and easy to use!

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