SafeStik Safelight


Now there’s a versatile and affordable alternative to costly safelights.

SafeStik can be placed on your counter, hand-held to easily find a dropped film on the floor, or mounted on the wall of your darkroom.

SafeStik produces an amazing amount of “safe” light right where you need it. It’s unique, 5-LED design spread over 18″ virtually eliminate shadowing. SafeStik even broke the Kodak GBX-2 4′ barrier. Briefly put an intra-oral film right next to SafeStik and it won’t fog. SafeStik is light-weight,  just 15 ounces.

Two power versions:
1) Battery with 2 standard AA batteries (typical battery life: 6-12 months)
2) AC 110v plug-in adapter

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Battery Version $98.99, AC Version $116.99

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  1. Dr. Hicks

    Best darkroom light ever!

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