WaterFlo PLUS

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WaterFlo Plus removes water-to-film tension and helps sheet away droplets of water from your film.  As a result, it boosts image clarity by reducing mineral spots and it improves film drying.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ImageMax Film Processors.

Standard tap water varies greatly from region to region. Some contain various chemicals to neutralize bacteria while others have minerals that cause spots on your film. Each of these can affect the clarity of your x-ray image. Even distilled water can leave spots. X-Ray Support has created WaterFlo Plus, a water surfactant that boosts the clarity of your x-rays. It also has an anti-algae ingredient.

Simply add 3-6 drops to each water holding tank in your ImageMax processor before you fill the holding tank with water. That’s it!  WaterFlo Plus takes care of the rest.

A one ounce container of WaterFlo Plus will last a typical office about 6 months.


4 reviews for WaterFlo PLUS

  1. Dr. Hernas

    Keeps water from foaming, use on a daily basis!

  2. Caley

    Easy to use, have’t noticed any algae growth in the tanks!!! Recommend this product!

  3. Dr. Hicks

    great product

  4. Stephanie White RDH

    We never get algae in our tanks when we use this product. It’s really inexpensive and lasts for quite awhile with just one bottle!

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