Quality Results of The Imagemax Automatic Film Processor

Quality Film

Processing film can be frustrating, and costly. Film gets distorted or creased in the rollers costing time and money. Factor in chemistry, development time, and the much dreaded maintenance and developing film x-rays can seem downright tedious and costly. At X-Ray Support, we know the benefits of using film for dental radiography. And, like our name says, we offer ways to support dental offices with all things film radiography and development. Two of our top selling innovations are a film digitizer and our Imagemax Automatic Film Processor. We know our field, and understand the importance of time, efficiency, and quality. With that in mind, we developed our automatic film processor to remedy all of the “problems” with classic film development.

Most film processors move the film on rollers through the chemical process necessary to develop an X- Ray. The movement of the film across the rollers unfortunately factors in a big potential for damaging film. Creases, artifacts, shadows, and poor image quality are all more common than they should be with classic film developers. We know in the day to day operation of your dental office there is no time for ruined film. So, we developed a new processor and simply took out the rollers!

In the innovative Imagemax Automatic Film Professor, the film is loaded into one of three secure holders (24 films can be developed at a time, each holder carries 8 films securely), and the chemical moves, not the film! After just four minutes the film is ready to be removed, or left in for a short drying cycle to eliminate any moisture. The screen on the Imagemax updates with the process happening step by step inside, and alerts when the developing process is done. A quick glance is all it takes to know when the film will be ready.

Not only does the absence of rollers make for exceptional development quality, but it also allows the machine to be practically maintenance free. The processor keeps track of how much film has been processed, and will alert the operator when the water or chemistry needs to be changed. In about five minutes, you can drain, clean, and refill the Imagemax and it’s ready for more film. Just push the green button on the top, and the machine will drain. Pour some warm water in to rinse, press the green drain button again, and the processor is ready for new chemistry. It’s that simple!

X-Ray Support is proud to say our Imagemax Automatic Film Processor has been used in offices and clinics for the past 17 years in every single state as well as Canada and Mexico.

As far as developing dental radiographs go, it doesn’t get any easier or higher quality than the Imagemax Automatic Film Professor! Call us today to save time and money: (888)230-9500