QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer


Want all of the benefits of digital radiography for your practice without sacrificing patient safety and comfort, time, and not to mention tens of thousands of dollars? X-Ray Support’s QuickShot Instant Film Digitizer (now offered in a compact size as well) has all the solutions. On the blog we have highlighted all the features for both our innovative QuickShot models, and will highlight the easy to use software X-Ray Support developed called QuickShot Capture specifically for the QuickShot units in this post.

The USB 2.0 connection offers instant access to the QuickShot Capture software. It is designed and compatible for MS Windows- XP through 10. X-Ray Support’s QuickShot Capture software is simple-to-use, enhances even difficult to read film, offers independent region image adjust, and even a measurement tool perfect for diagnostics. Any image can be emailed or used for patient presentation in just three simple steps:

1. Crop

Drag the box around what needs to be cropped, ranging from a Full Mouth series of 20-22 images down to a single image. Our simple “crop” tool will adjust it perfectly. Or let the new auto-crop feature find your film for you.

2. Adjust

QuickShot Capture software offers easy adjustment for brightness and contrast.

3. View or Send

The image can be viewed full screen for patient presentation, saved to your practice management software, then emailed to insurance or referrals.

Images can be saved in .JPG, .PNG, or .TIFF images so it is universally compatible. Traditional scanners can take up to several minutes to scan a HD image, and the end result for scanned radiographs are often not diagnostic or even usable. Instead of scanning technology, QuickShot patented approach uses a High Definition camera to digitize images instantaneously. No need to wait for a scanner, and no re-scanning! Further, scanners have limited and difficult enhancing capabilities.

X-Ray Support’s unique Capture software allows the user to adjust images regionally, a feature no scanner can offer. This means that if the image was for example a Full Mouth Series, and just the Bitewings on the right side were too dark and all other films were adequate, the user has the ability to edit just those Bitewings by themselves within the picture. XRS also offer real, helpful, and thorough customer support that is just a phone call away.

Emailing, viewing, and storing HD digital copies of radiographs has never been easier, more quality, or more affordable than it is now thanks to our QuickShot systems and software. All the benefits to the patient that we love about film radiography are still there, with the added benefit of digital capabilities. Call your X-Ray Support team today at (888) 230-9500 to get your office set up digitally. QuickShot also includes with FREE shipping!