AirShield Support




Why should I buy this product over a competitor’s device?

AirShield’s unique design is the only device of its kind to offer a cordless, lighted, view-window barrier between you and your patient while quietly clearing aerosols and debris over a large 9” x 11” area directly over the patient. Every other device on the market is essentially a glorified Shop-Vac. Their ‘suction-only’ design is difficult, if not impossible, to keep it at a workable distance (about 2-3”) without rendering the device ineffective. AirShield ‘pushes and pulls’ air while providing an unimpeded work area directly over the patient with an amazing amount of shadowless light from all sides of the view window.

How does AirShield work?

Air is pushed out to the end of the AirShield arm, then a thin sheet of air is directed back under the curved window. On the other side of the window, a vacuum slot pulls the sheet of air, including all aerosols and debris, down through the arm and into the pedestal base where two medical grade HEPA filters clean the air.

Are patients comfortable under AirShield?

Yes! Many patients have commented how they feel safe under AirShield. They also like how quiet the device is.

How much time is required to set it up? Do I need a technician?

AirShield ships ready to use right out of the box. Just pull it out of the box, remove the foam and you’re ready to go.

Is AirShield easy to operate?

Simple! To turn the device on, simply lower the arm, or raise it up to turn it off. AirShield is cordless. Charge overnight and you’re ready to go all day. The onboard computer indicator lights constantly monitors battery and filter status, as well as ensuring that air is flowing under the shield.

How often will I have to replace my filters? Do you sell them?

20 hours of use for the top filter. 40 hours for the bottom filter. Indicator lights provide constant status. Yes, we sell the filters. Just $14.99 for the smaller top filter and $22.99 for the large bottom filter.

How long does a battery charge last?

From a full battery charge, you will have over 7 hours of continuous use.

How often will I have to change the LED lights?

LED’s should last for many thousands of hours.

What cleaning and maintenance will need to be done?

When the shield arm is in the up position, you have easy access to the patient side of the view window. Use most any anti-bacterial spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean and disinfect.

What accessories come with AirShield?

AirShield ships with the AirShield battery charger, two replacement filters (top and bottom), and micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

How long is the warranty?

AirShield is backed by a 3 year warranty!