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How long has the ImageMax been on the market?

Design started in 1996.  We sold our first 100 processors to doctors in the Pacific NW in 1998. Thousands of ImageMax film processors have now been sold to doctors in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, and Brazil.

How does the ImageMax work?

Unlike traditional automatic film processors that move film through open tanks using rollers, belts, or tracks, ImageMax leaves the film stationary and instead moves the solutions. The film never moves! Insert film into the tank. Then using air pressure and vacuum, with a quiet built-in air pump, the solutions flow to the film. No moving parts touch the chemistry other than a simple pinch valve!  At the end of the cycle, hot air dries the film. Kodak time/temp tables are strictly followed. Film is developed, fixed, washed twice, and dried, having never moved. No roller marks or artifacts! Just crystal clear dip-tank quality film!

Why doesn’t the chemistry become contaminated?

If a small amount of developer gets into the fixer, no problem. But if just a few drops of fixer gets to the developer, BIG problem! The key to ImageMax, like all automatic processors and manual tanks, is the sequence: developer, then fixer, then water. ImageMax moves developer into the film processing tank then back to the holding tank. Then fixer back and forth. Finally it washes the processing tank twice before the film processing tank sees developer again. Therefore, there’s no contamination!

Is ImageMax difficult to setup?

No, it’s very simple! You won’t need any help to install this processor. Simply take it out of the box and put it on your counter. Plug in the power cord. Push on the drain lines. Fill it up with chemistry and water. Set up time is less than 5 minutes!

Does ImageMax need a water line plumbed to the processor?

No. ImageMax is completely self-contained.  Water is quickly and easily poured in from the front.

How do I clean ImageMax?

Push the Drain button. Go do something else for 3-4 minutes as each holding tank drains. Pour warm water into the Developer holding tank. Gently stir for a few seconds. Drain again. Refill with fresh chemistry. That’s it! No rollers or tracks to scrub!

How often would I change the chemistry?

ImageMax keeps track of how much film has been processed and reports the relative strength of the chemistry.  If you’re an office of one doctor, one hygienist, three to five chairs, working four days per week, we would expect that you would change the chemistry every 2 weeks. Keep in mind, that’s just one quart of developer and one quart of fixer every 2 weeks, or ½ gallon of each solution per month.  Compare that to a typical roller-based processor using at least three gallons of both developer and fixer per month.  BIG savings!  See the next page…

How can ImageMax use 80% less chemistry than a roller processor?

Other film processors have open tanks that allow solutions to oxidize. ImageMax has sealed tanks which greatly reduce oxidation. As a result, chemistry lasts much longer. In addition, ImageMax does not replenish – a wasteful technique that adds more chemistry to the tanks attempting to maintain film quality. Instead, ImageMax fully utilizes its one quart of chemistry by using a time shift method. As the chemistry ages, ImageMax automatically adds a few seconds of processing time to compensate for weakening chemistry. As a result, substantially less chemistry is used and film quality remains consistent.

Does ImageMax require special chemistry?

No. Any high-quality roller-less chemistry should work. However, 95% of our customers use XRS chemistry because it’s designed specifically for roller-less processing, it’s economical, it saves space, and it’s very high quality!

Why are the films so much better? ImageMax has essentially gone back to a dip-tank method of processing x-ray film – but fully automatic! There are no rollers to put marks on the films and precise computer control of how film is developed.  It’s truly a next generation film processor!

How long does ImageMax take to process a film?

About the same as other processors, but if you need the film quickly you can take the films while drying. Intra-oral films are in a holder, so just “tap” the holder in your hand to remove any water droplets. Film will then dry in just a few seconds. Cycle time without the dryer portion is then approximately 3-1/2 minutes.

What if I have problems? How do I get service?

We include FREE phone tech support! Because we’re the factory, we can usually solve the problem with you right over the phone. However, if we can’t, then we have loaners available. This avoids costly on-site repairs! UPS brings the loaner to you. Then use the same box to send back your unit for repair. Quick and simple!

Where can I see an ImageMax in action?

In your own office! Try it risk free for 14 days!  If ImageMax doesn’t suit your needs or meet your expectations,  we’ll refund your money! We’ll even pay to ship it back! No risk!


ImageMax is backed by the BEST warranties in the industry!  We can offer these extraordinary warranties because our unique film processor does not have the problematic parts that other processors have. It’s designed to withstand even the heaviest of volumes. If you experience any problems with your ImageMax, call us toll-free: (509) 279-2061. The warranty and ImageMax are the best in the business.

When you need help, you’re talking directly with the factory. We can usually help you diagnose and fix the problem right over the phone. But if necessary, we’ll make arrangements to get your ImageMax repaired at no cost to you. We can also provide you a loaner at no charge for the first year. All you pay is the shipping.

ImageMax will be the best and last film processor you’ll ever have to buy!

Return Policy

We’re very confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the ImageMax processor. However, if you find that the product is just not meeting your needs, call us within 2 weeks of receiving the ImageMax to see if we can help solve the situation. If we are still unable to meet your needs, we’ll gladly have the processor picked up, then issue you a refund.