QuickShot Support

Download QuickShot Capture Software

Internet Browser: We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox for this download. 

Download for QS Models 120,130, 300 thru 330: v3.24 (4-07-2021)

You may either Save the installer .MSI file, then Run it. Or Run it directly.

Windows may display various warning screens if it doesn’t recognize our software. Our software is safe. Please follow the instructions below:

Older Model QuickShot software:

Download for OLDER Models QS-100, 200, and 210:  v2.4 (3-18-2019)

To install the above older QuickShot Capture software:

  1. Download and save the “.ZIP” file.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the “.ZIP” file was saved to.
  3. Right-click on the “.ZIP” file, then select, “Extract All…” (the folder should open automatically. If not, open it)
  4. Double-click on the file, QuickShotCaptureInstaller.exe.
  5. Follow the QuickShot Capture installer directions.

Tech Support Tips

If you’re buying a new computer, it may be running a version of Windows 10 called “S Mode”.  You can check to see if your computer is running “S Mode” by going to Settings > System > About. On the About page, scroll down to the “Windows Specifications” section. If you see the words “in S mode” to the right of the “Edition” entry, you’re using an “S Mode” PC. If you don’t see it, you’re not using “S Mode”.  This new “S Mode” forces you to use the Microsoft App Store for any new program that you want to install onto your computer.  Many software programs are not on the Microsoft App Store, including QuickShot Capture. So to access QuickShot Capture, you’ll need to turn “S Mode” off.  Click here for instructions on how to turn “S” mode off.  NOTE: Turning off “S Mode” won’t affect how your computer works other than to make it more flexible and able to load programs such as QuickShot Capture. 

EMAIL: QuickShot Capture cannot directly interface with email that you access through a web browser like Microsoft Edge,  Chrome, or Safari. QuickShot can only start an email when the email client or application (program) is installed onto your computer.  There are several options, but we recommend using a FREE email program called Thunderbird.  Click HERE for their download page.


What makes QuickShot QS-300 superior to a standard scanner?

  1. Speed: The QS-300 is instantaneous! It uses a HD camera to provide a live high-resolution camera feed. A standard high-resolution backlit scanner can take several minutes to scan an image.
  2. Image: Because the QS-300 uses a camera, you make image exposure and contrast adjustments BEFORE the image is captured. Standard scanners capture an image then you have to manipulate the image after it’s captured.
  3. Software: Unlike scanner software, QuickShot Capture software is extremely easy to use! 3 Steps; Crop, Adjust, then either Preview, Print, or Save.
  4.  LIFETIME Warranty: No other scanner company has ever dreamed of offering a lifetime warranty.
    We can with QuickShot because there are

What film does the QS-300 digitize?

All dental film! Pan, Ceph, TMJ, mounted intra-orals, and individual intra-orals (sizes 0-4).

What image types?

Standard image formats. JPG (JPEG) and PNG. Both formats provide excellent image detail. JPEG’s are slightly smaller and best suited for being sent via email to insurance or for referral. PNG’s are slightly larger and provide slightly more detail.

Can the QS-300 interface with my current practice management software?

Yes, if your software supports import of standard image JPG and PNG formats. Contact your software provider if you have questions. Here’s how QuickShot works with your software. First, create a folder on your desktop called QuickShot Images. From QuickShot Capture, save your QuickShot images to that folder. Then from your practice management software import from that same folder.

Can QuickShot be used as a stand-alone system?

Yes. Create a file folder on your desktop called QuickShot Images (or whatever folder name you like). When you save an image from QuickShot, you have the option to add the patient name, date of birth, exposure date, and image sequence number. It is then easy and fast to search the folder to find patient images.

Why are the digitized x-rays monochrome?

Standard X-Ray film is black and white. Color is not necessary so QuickShot is designed with a high-resolution monochrome camera. RGB (Red-Green-Blue) image data adds no value to a monochrome image. In fact, the extra data actually reduces the image detail and produces a larger file size.

Software updates?

Software updates to QuickShot Capture are available on our website at no charge.

How does the QS-300 connect to my computer?

Via a standard USB 2.0 connection. A 6′ cable is included.

What computer operating systems do I need to run QuickShot?

Microsoft Windows running 7, 8, or 10.

Questions about QuickShot? 

Call our tech support staff at (509) 279-2061  Keep in mind, we are not Windows I.T. experts. For questions about Windows related questions, you may need to consult online or seek out local computer help.