Four Disadvantages of Traditional Dental Radiograph Film Processors

Four disadvantages of traditional film processors

X-Ray support doesn’t need to remind you that radiography is an integral part of treating patients. We also don’t need to remind you that well functioning x-ray equipment is an integral part of a smooth running office. You know, because you’ve been there. What we do need to tell you is that all of those film processing problems your dental team deals with consistently have all been fixed in our state of the art Imagemax Automatic Film Processor. Here four of the biggest disadvantages of traditional film processors and how we fixed them:

1. Tedious, Wasteful, and Time Consuming Maintenance

The list of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance tasks for traditional film processors is too long to include here. At the very least, it is recommended that the entire machine be taken apart weekly, soaked separately to remove debris, cleaned with bristled brushes, and put back together. Imagine how happy your assistants would be with a machine that keeps track of how many films have been developed and prompts them when it needs maintenance or chemistry? How about one that takes just five minutes to drain, clean, and get running again? The Imagemax Automatic Film Processor does just that, virtually taking hours of maintenance out of the equation.

2. Rollers

Think that a film processor has to have rollers (how else will the film make it through all the chemistry)? X-Ray support thought outside of the box, and made a machine that got rid of rollers completely. The Imagemax Automatic Film Processor moves the chemistry, not the film. Most problems encountered with traditional film processors are a result of some malfunction or inconsistency with the rollers. Take away the rollers, take away the problems!

3. Ruined Film

Pushing film through several chambers of chemistry on rollers adds in multiple factors that could ruin film. Every dentist has been there with a less than perfect film that makes a diagnosis difficult (or impossible). Unfortunately, traditional processors have made it commonplace to have artifacts, impurities, or creases on film. The Imagemax Automatic Film Processor eliminates this problem by keeping the film stationary in a secure holder (it can develop 24 films at once!) and moving the chemistry around it.

4. Lost Film

Just as artifacts and debris are commonplace with traditional processors, lost film happens more often that it should as well. Our secure holders keep film in place, and make it easy to take out and put back in without losing film.

X-Ray Support’s Imagemax Automatic Film Processor is a sophisticated design that is simple to use. It takes away all the problems of traditional film processors, but don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Dentists have to say:

“The self-cleaning features are so time saving! Imagemax is awesome! The technology is far better and much more advanced than our old product.” – M. Rich, DDS-OR

“Imagemax quality is superior compared to our old processor!” F.R. Moreno, DDS -TX

“There is no comparison. This technology is miles ahead of the competition!” – P. Biegler, DMD -IL

“Been in practice 23 years. Fought with roller machines 21.5 years. This machine is like a dream come true. I recommend every office throw away their rollers and purchase the Imagemax!” – M. Cornett, DDS –OH

“The Imagemax is small, self-contained and requires no plumbing. No muss. No fuss. No problem. I love the machine!” – D. Hornbeck, DDS -WA

“No lost films ever! Hurray! This was a constant problem with our old processor.” – G. Silva, DDS -CA

“Imagemax has allowed our office to consistently produce excellent radiographs without artifacts. Images are crisp and clear and allow me to diagnose without hesitation.” – D. Reck, DDS -CO